For several years, new corporate technologies have been constantly developing. They appeared in the 2000 and in recent times, the innovations carried by artificial intelligence and big data announce their future multiplication within organizations.

New technologies in business: why so much interest?

To remain competitive, companies absolutely must adopt new technologies. They allow them to differentiate themselves from other competitors and innovate.  Although these technologies have invaded the daily lives of employees, it is essential to invest in those that bring real added value to the company.  In particular, they must enable employees to flourish and work in a new, optimized IT environment. Indeed, the new technologies, consciously exploited, lead to the transformation of the professions, disrupt the ways of collaboration and change the communication channels.

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All this is done in order to provide solutions and facilitate the tasks of the company. Moreover, the implementation of new technologies generally allows companies to automate certain operations to gain agility and speed while improving the user experience. On this last point, employees see the organization of work changed, creating new ways of working for the benefit of the employee’s well-being.

From digital transformation to virtual office

The main advantages of new technologies are to bring well-being to employees and to facilitate their daily work.

Indeed, with the cloud and connected objects, these solutions offer great mobility to companies by freeing them from geographical constraints. The physical office is then dematerialized and employees on the move can work from anywhere. They have secure access to company data and powerful work tools to communicate easily. This digital transformation brings nomadism in the organization of work and the notion of coworking is increasingly anchored in the mores of the company.

Especially since these new ways of working are beneficial to employees and allow them to be more productive. In addition, the management of professional and personal life is greatly facilitated by new technologies. The stress that some employees may feel decreases since they can do home office, to reconcile more serenely their private life and their work.

When we talk about new technologies, we are also talking about artificial intelligence. AI-related technologies can increase the efficiency of work in companies. While it already makes it possible to automate tasks, it is also relevant to answer specific topics, specific to each sector. It revolutionizes the way work is organized. Employees no longer waste time on tedious tasks.

By Andrew T.

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