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More and more companies are taking up the challenge of being present on the Web. Many of them, in fact, embark on the adventure, whether with a simple showcase site or an e-commerce website. But creating a website is not that easy. It does require an investment of time and money.

What is an effective website ?

The success of any website depends entirely on how it is designed. Whether the designers took great care or not when developing it. A well-designed site, which includes ease of use and usefulness, determines its success. Since your site is the face of your business and most potential customers will visit it before they have even visited your store or business, it becomes inevitable to design your website carefully. Failure to do so could end up damaging your brand image.

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Page design and design are critical for conversions. Certainly, more than you think. Even if you use a great conversion-boosting tactic, you won’t do much if the quality of your design seems poor. In fact, the quality and effectiveness of a website greatly depends on the design and user experience. A simple-looking, exceptionally user-friendly, well-structured website usually ranks high on Google. Users of these sites are also more likely to visit them than those with poor user experiences. The performance depends entirely on the efficiency of the website.

Convert your visitors into leads

Create a conversion tunnel to improve the performance of your site

Before going into the full definition, we will start by defining what a conversion tunnel is. A conversion funnel is an idea or a way to visualize and understand the flow and conversion of potential customers. These visitors can be generated through various methods such as SEO, content marketing, social media, paid advertisements, etc. If you can understand and analyze the process, then you can take steps to improve that flow.

What is meant by conversion? This term designates the moment when an Internet user performs an action on your website that you expect of him. Converting your visitors therefore means encouraging them to act so that they achieve one of your web objectives. In other words, a conversion takes place every time a visitor completes a goal that you have set for yourself. Contrary to what many companies think, all websites, whatever they are e-commerce sites but also showcase sites, can lead to conversions. There are, in fact, a very large number of web objectives. Of course, the best known is buying a product online. But many others are possible, such as generating leads through a newsletter, a contact form, requesting a quote, downloading a white paper… And all these actions lead to conversions when they are carried out.

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