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To succeed in your project, it is essential to identify all the resources you need to carry it out, right from the start. There are three main types of resources: Human resources, Material resources, Financial resources.

Financial resources

We are talking here about the budget allocated to the project. This budget includes all the costs and expenses generated by the project: The salaries of all the actors of the project, Purchase and rental of material resources, Operating costs, Any travel costs. How to determine your financial resources? These resources are determined by the client and validated by the company even before the start of the project, via the specifications. They make it possible to finance the human and material resources to carry out your project. You have no decision-making power over the number of financial resources allocated to the project. It is therefore essential to draw up a provisional budget in order to better manage your financial means and to give you sufficient leeway in the event of problems.

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Material resources include everything that the company already has, but also everything that will be necessary for the realization of the project: premises rooms, buildings, land, etc., materials and equipment computers, telephone, etc., software, tools, machines, construction materials, etc.

This involves different types of investments such as the purchase or rental of equipment, tools or premises that the company does not already own.
How to determine your material resources? Your material resources will be determined according to the different tasks, but also according to the budget allocated to the project, the deadlines and the desired quality. You will have to make choices: rental, acquisition or subcontracting, new or used equipment, of average or superior quality, etc.

Les ressources humaines

These are all the actors working on the project. Human resources are fundamental to all projects because they are the ones who carry out the work. The project manager must surround himself with a multidisciplinary team that has the skills, experience and know-how essential to the realization of the project. These human resources can be recruited within the company or externally. They may also be service providers or consultants who will intervene on the project on an ad hoc or permanent basis.

The duration of a task will depend on the number of human resources assigned to it. For example, a single person will take two years to build a house while ten people will only take 3 months.

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