North / South

North / South is a project by Pierre-Alban Kientz a young graduate from the Parisian school ESAG Penninghen.  A colourful mashup of luxury and street brands to question people’s identity. “Between tradition and religion, brands…


Studio Anja Kroencke

Bureau Rabensteiner worked on the branding of the NYC based illustatrator Anja Kroencke. I really like that the elegant and minimalist logo is expanded by a simple visual reminder of Anja’s work, which is more figurative….


Zak Kitnick

Zak Kitnick is an american artist based in New-York. “A lot of my work has to do with drawing attention to the easy to use and easy to ignore objects that structure our daily existence.”…

an inquiry into_meaning_and_truth._03

An inquiry into meaning and truth and more…

Main Studio is a Dutch studio founded in 2005 by Edwin van Gelder. They designed a book for Thomas Raat, a conceptual artist. It accompanied an exhibition of the same name, and conveys Raat’s…



Deutsche & Japaner released a calendar that has been produced and published by Germany based publishing house Edition Panorama.


Akatre Studio

Akatre Studio founded in 2007 in Paris, is lead by Valentin Abad, Julien Dhivert and Sébastien Riveron. Their scope of activity include graphic design, photography, typography and sometimes video, artistic installation and musical creation for…


Justified No.3

Last week, I discovered the magazine Justified. After thumbing through it at my local bookstore, I bought it alongside the excellent Modern Design Review. I finally had time this week-end to enjoy every single page, the layout…


Idiot Box

Donna Stevens photographed a bunch of kids watching television, the result is a succession of lifeless/obsess faces. A photoshoot that make us laugh but also question again about the impact of glowing screens. It would…


Bonsoir Paris

Bonsoir Paris is a studio working with image and design, with a strong sense of aesthetics. I selected some pictures from different projects. Bonsoir Paris is a creative studio founded on a common taste for nonstandard conceptual…

the subjectivity of maps_01

The subjectivity of maps

When we’re young, we unconsciously tend to look for a role model. Is nothing that we are taught to do. Despite that, figuring out our path is often a hassle, that’s maybe why there…



Playtype, the Danish foundry, just released a new range of stationery with minimalist notebooks, postcard blocks and posters. They’re available on their store. Source