Over the past twenty years, our society has taken a real turn for the worse, becoming increasingly technological. The majority of the world’s population now has access to the Internet, smartphones, tablets and computers. It’s a high-tech, digital, home automation and artificial intelligence era. All these technological innovations have a direct impact on our lives. Some of them are really useful and make people’s lives a lot easier, while others can be really harmful.

Everyday improvements

Technological advances since the beginning of the 21st century have had a beneficial effect on mankind in many ways. A number of areas have been directly impacted:

Work: The evolution of technology has enabled us to save an enormous amount of time in organizing and managing our work. For example, nowadays, thanks to collaborative tools like Slack, it’s possible to work from home while staying in touch with colleagues and developing projects. Not only does this make it possible to work faster, it also reduces the need to travel and the pollution produced by the use of transport or cars. This advance is also advantageous for companies, who no longer need to rent office space.

This video can explain it:

Healthcare: In the medical sector, new technologies have enabled us to take giant steps forward. Many pathologies and other illnesses can now be managed thanks to technological breakthroughs. The use of virtual reality to perform operations without the use of anesthetics is a prime example.

Life in general: The impact of technology in improving everyday life is clear for all to see. Now, with a smartphone, you can organize your life, make purchases, consult your bank accounts and make transfers, and even place sports bets on Net Bet. No need to go to the bar to bet on your favorite team, you can do it from anywhere at any time.

Side effects: Like everything else, there is a downside. While the benefits of technology are undeniable, the dependence it entails for some, as well as the threats to privacy, are cause for reflection. Aren’t we taking the development of a hyper-technological society too far?

Issues such as the protection of the personal information we share on the web, young people’s addiction to social networks and video games, and respect for privacy will be the major challenges of the next few years. The future will tell whether mankind will be able to harness technological advances for its own well-being, or whether it will use them to dominate and enslave the population.

By Andrew T.

Andrew has grown in a little town in the south of France. After his first degree in digital communication, he went to UK - London to study SEO. But his heart fell in love with Branding and Marketing Strategies when he has started to work for one of the biggest Communication agency of England.

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