fragmentation_01 fragmentation_02 fragmentation_03 fragmentation_04 fragmentation_05 fragmentation_06 fragmentation_07 fragmentation_08 fragmentation_09 fragmentation_10 fragmentation_11 fragmentation_12 fragmentation_13 fragmentation_14 fragmentation_15 fragmentation_16 fragmentation_17 fragmentation_18 fragmentation_19 fragmentation_20 fragmentation_21 fragmentation_22 is a project but Vitor Claro a member of Maan. This work his for Blankhiss, a collective dedicated to developing online art exhibitions.

The act or process of fragmenting // state of being fragmented // a technique to study structure of molecules // the disintegration // collapse // or breakdown of norms of thought behavior, or social relationship // the process, or result, of storing a file in non-contiguous sectors on a disk // As files are created, modified, deleted, etc., both the allocation of the files and the remaining free space on the disk become fragmented, slowing down data access speed on the disk // a technique to study structure of molecules // a compositional technique.

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