Mad Fest

mad_fest_01 mad_fest_02 mad_fest_03 mad_fest_04 mad_fest_05 mad_fest_06 mad_fest_07 mad_fest_08 mad_fest_09 mad_fest_10 mad_fest_11 mad_fest_12 mad_fest_13 mad_fest_14

MAD Fest, is a Dutch event that celebrate creativity. Located at Deventer, it’s showcase 5 speakers, 5 designers and 5 bands. It’s a project created by the graphic designer Peter Kortleve and helped by Arjan Hilgersom. A really nice identity with an American vintage style, perfectly declined across the different supports.


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  • Reply July 19, 2013

    The Branding Crew

    I work in a communication agency I love the identity that Peter Kortleve gives to this event.. it’s of course vintage American party mood.. but the cool one where everybody wants to go. The stamp is gorgeous..

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