Choosing technology


“I think we’re just going to where we were before. Small screens are getting bigger, big screens are getting smaller and know what? It’s going to end up looking like a book. We found out 500years ago that the book is the optimal size for reading. The best size for a page is the spread of my hand. You put 50 characters in a column and you have your point size, and each language has its own easiest fonts. That all defines it. The eye, the hand, the language. Not technology.”
Erik Spiekermann

Is this the end for the ebook or just a false impression ? In my opinion, the question doesn’t really matter. What’s important to me is how the reading technology is going to look like in the future. And the only acceptable answer for me would be one based on the user.

The excellent typographer Erik Spikermann, made a point by saying that “The eye, the hand, the language”. define the object that we are holding in your hands, book designers are in fact one step ahead from ebooks, they did their job and it wasn’t in vain.

Both mediums have advantages and weaknesses. But when as in this cade digital tries to choke hundred year-old inventions, the result is in people’s hands. It will depend then on the type of experiences wanted and the emotions needed for one option to stand out among the others.

ps: Apparently the Google Glass (in their actual form) have lost the battle.

Artwork : Airan Kang

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