Bottle Humidifier

bottle_humidifier_01 bottle_humidifier_02 bottle_humidifier_03 bottle_humidifier_04 bottle_humidifier_05 bottle_humidifier_06 bottle_humidifier_07 bottle_humidifier_08 bottle_humidifier_09 bottle_humidifier_10 bottle_humidifier_11 bottle_humidifier_12Korean design studio 11+ has created a portable humidifier with a transparent bottle, minimal monochrome packaging and a red USB charging cable. The Bottle Humidifier Mini by 11+ weighs just 100 grams and is 15.5 centimetres tall.

“I believe that people can carry the Bottle Humidifier Mini wherever they go,” said 11+ founder Keunha Kim. “They can carry it when traveling. They can also bring it from desk to bed side table.”

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