Hotel Koster

HotelKoster_Bedow_01 HotelKoster_Bedow_02 HotelKoster_Bedow_03 HotelKoster_Bedow_04 HotelKoster_Bedow_05 HotelKoster_Bedow_06 HotelKoster_Bedow_07 HotelKoster_Bedow_08 HotelKoster_Bedow_09 HotelKoster_Bedow_10

An excellent work as always by the swedish studio Bedow.

Visual identity and communication concept for Hotel Koster — a small hotel, founded in 1905, located on a remote island in Kosterhavet Marine National Park on the west coast of Sweden. The assignment includes logotype, colour palette, typography, adverts, menus, posters, signs, staff clothing, stationery & cetera.

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