Montreal World Film Festival

montreal_world_film_festival_01 montreal_world_film_festival_02 montreal_world_film_festival_03 montreal_world_film_festival_04 montreal_world_film_festival_05 montreal_world_film_festival_06 montreal_world_film_festival_07 montreal_world_film_festival_08 montreal_world_film_festival_09 montreal_world_film_festival_10 montreal_world_film_festival_11 montreal_world_film_festival_12 montreal_world_film_festival_13 montreal_world_film_festival_14 montreal_world_film_festival_15 montreal_world_film_festival_16 montreal_world_film_festival_17 montreal_world_film_festival_18 montreal_world_film_festival_19

Léo Breton-Allaire from Canada designed these posters for The Montreal World Film Festival. I loved the idea of folding posters that deliver an USB keys with information about the festival.

The goal of the Montreal World Film Festival (Montreal International Film Festival) is to encourage cultural diversity and understanding among nations, to foster the cinema of all continents by stimulating the development of quality cinema, to promote filmmakers and innovative works, to discover and encourage new talents, and to promote meetings between cinema professionals from around the world.

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