Vincent & Emily

vincent_emily_01 vincent_emily_02 vincent_emily_03 vincent_emily_04 vincent_emily_05 vincent_emily_06 vincent_emily_07 vincent_emily_08After the awesome lamp Pinokio, let me introduce you Vincent & Emily, two robots powered by Raspberry PiArduino, Accelerometer, Stepper, ServoCamera, Microphone, IR-LED. Software includes Linux Arch, Python and OpenCV. A bunch of different technology put together by Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler and Carolin Liebl from nachtproduktion.

Vincent and Emily are two self-willed robots that show the viewer the solitude of a partner relationship and simultaneously the involvement of the partners in society and their impulses. They capture sounds and movements via sensors and react on those signals with own expressions. The movement of the robots is realized by a pulling system, consisting of three motors whose rotation is transformed into a linear motion via gear wheels and gear racks.


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