Lodz Design Festival

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Ortografika designed a wonderful branding for the Lodz Design Festival. It’s a real pleasure to see all the details, on every media (print, wall, matchbox, ticket…) A combinaison of simplicity and flashy colors that fit perfectly.

AWARENESS is the theme of the 6th edition of the Festival. It highlights the importance of the awareness in design, in addition to the usefulness and aesthetic value. The theme is interpreted in three exhibitions on the Agenda: “Who are you?”, “The Future is Stupid”, and “Ways of seeing/sitting”. The major events include also: the “must have” exhibition of Polish design projects; Design & Architecture forum – a meeting place between the audience and experts, and Educreation – an exhibition and workshops for children. Tens of exhibitions and accompanying events have been prepared for visitors. With the financial support provided by The City of Łódź Office, Ceramika Paradyż – the Main Patron of the Festival, and many other partners, more than 1,100 items created by over 640 designers will be brought to Łódź!



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