Mildred & Duck designed the identity of L.Wolf, a production company. They produced a simple a clear branding, coherent across the stationery set. We developed a house style for all promotional materials, providing a way…


Studio Majoran

Malwin Béla Hürkey, a german designer worked in the identity of Studio Majoran, a “Hearty and traditional German cuisine, packaged in Japanese aesthetics.” Studio Majoran is a catering service which orientates its cooking and…


Lacoste SS 15

Acme Studio produced the latest press release for Lacoste, collection Spring/Summer 2015. They took inspiration from Lacoste’s nautical heritage and “90’s” urban period Communication tools play with this ubiquity, lightweight posters & heavy material silk…


Better Future Factory

Better Future Factory worked with Thijs Biersteker and Pieter van den Heuvel to produce a video to promote their last sponsored project, re-filament. The idea itself is simple and brilliant, and the video showcase it in…


Marco Marco

Acre, the design studio based in Singapore work on the branding of Marco Marco, a panini restaurant. Marco Marco explores using local ingredients and food culture as an inspiration for their dishes. Inspired by…



Chromatology is an installation made by Raw Color, a dutch studio. It’s based on paper shredders, each connected with a motion sensor and fed by coloured paper rolls. The machines are triggered by the…


Mom & Paps

OrtnerSchinko designed the identity of Mom & Paps, a temporary tattoos company. OS generated the name and a logo-type with an illustrated element to fit the style of the strictly hand-drawn temporary tattoos.


The Overview Effect

Printed encyclopaedias as dusty Atlas books are slowly disappearing, replaced by digital equivalent. Wikipedia and Google are now the two leading services used when you need to know something. Soon, thanks to the data,…



Ahal is a Mexican company that combines worldwide ingredients to create something between herbalism and sustainable cosmetic technology. The branding was made by Futura a studio based in Mexico Their philosophy of using only eco-conscious…



Dia New York designed a pulpy designed for the party organized by Chia Co at the McCarren Hotel & Pool in Brooklyn We were inspired the Chia Co’s Australian roots and their stylish audience….



The British design studio Believe in worked on the identity of Finchtail. It’s a company focused on creating simple and useful products that are sustainably made. Their first product is an inexpensive cardboard tablet stand, and Believe…