New Grids was launched in spring 2011 with the aim to introduce you some design work and strategic thought and technologic stuff.

About me, my name is thomas, I’m a studying advertising/brand communication, I’ve already worked in several french, american or dutch design/advertising agencies for few internships (Publicis / TBWA / BBDO / Poke / Tribal DDB )
I am interested in a lot of things in addition to topic I’m talking about in my blog, such as triathlon (Mens sana in corpore sano), American literature (especially the beat period), the fixed gear, old movies (Hammer, Nouvelle Vague, New Hollywood, RKO) and some music …

This is my linkedin resume, I’m available for freelance work, so feel free to contact me at hello[at]newgrids.fr or bouillot.thomas[at]gmail.com