GSH Conserves

gsh_conserves_01 gsh_conserves_02 gsh_conserves_03 gsh_conserves_04 gsh_conserves_05 gsh_conserves_06 gsh_conserves_07 gsh_conserves_08 gsh_conserves_09 gsh_conserves_10 gsh_conserves_11 gsh_conserves_12 gsh_conserves_13 gsh_conserves_14 gsh_conserves_15 gsh_conserves_16 gsh_conserves_17 gsh_conserves_18 gsh_conserves_19 gsh_conserves_20 gsh_conserves_21 gsh_conserves_22 gsh_conserves_23 gsh_conserves_24 gsh_conserves_25 gsh_conserves_26 gsh_conserves_27 gsh_conserves_28 gsh_conserves_29 gsh_conserves_30 gsh_conserves_31Shannon Kyle Lim from Singapore designed the identity of GSH Conserves, a small, local, independent company.

The identity avoids over-embellishments and reducing things to it’s essentials but at the same time, having hints of excitement. The logo is inspired by old shop signages and approval stamps, graphics and colours are derived from the products and also subtle inspiration is taken from nostalgic objects to relate to the locals.

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