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Kurppa Hosk worked on the identity of Designtorget, one of the most iconic Swedish design brand.

Since Designtorget is a stage for design and designers, it was crucial to create an identity that didn’t overshadow the actors on stage. Still – it was equally important that the identity was strong enough in it’s own right to mark the heritage and the future of Designtorget and convey its values playfulness, curiosity and passion for design. Another important pre-requisite was efficiency in Designtorget’s many touchpoints, i.e. products, retail, packaging, communication and digital.

The guiding star for creating the brand identity concept became Designtorget’s Scandinavian design legacy. Simplicity and clarity were the pillars for the logo that comprises the “D” and the “T” – i.e. the initial letters in Design and Torget – and that forms a balanced symbol that can be interpreted both as two objects, or if you wish, as a friendly character. The logo is accompanied by the equally simple and friendly typeface Apercu and played down colours not to draw too much attention from the products and designers. The identity is easily applied to all Desintorget’s brand carriers and strongly contributes to a consistent brand experience that tells the story of the re-invented Designtorget.

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