Mona de Castellarnau

mona_de_castellarnau_01 mona_de_castellarnau_02 mona_de_castellarnau_03 mona_de_castellarnau_04 mona_de_castellarnau_05 mona_de_castellarnau_06 mona_de_castellarnau_07 mona_de_castellarnau_08 mona_de_castellarnau_09 mona_de_castellarnau_10 mona_de_castellarnau_11 mona_de_castellarnau_12 mona_de_castellarnau_13 mona_de_castellarnau_14

One of the trendiest studio, Anagrama designed the identity of “Mona de Castellarnau”, a lifestyle brand that offers accessories and home décor pieces inspired by the merging of the love for design, craftsmanship, and global cultures.

Our role was to analyze the styles and designs that Mona de Castellarnau conveys in her pieces and interpret such in a novel and minimalist way to create an identity that shows the contrast between the modern and daring designs of Mona’s products without taking away from their essence. The result is a brand that offers functional, original, enduring intrinsic beauty as well as a timeless image, providing style to any interior and personality.

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