Notion of time


“One day, someone asked me how long it took me to make one of my paintings.
I’m 57 years old and it took me all my life to do it.”
Mark Rothko

Our relation with time is pretty contentious, we always lack of it and consequently we want to do everything faster. But time is necessary to build ideas, try new things, fail and start over. Our brain and body need time to adapt to something new and boredom is a key point in that process of assimilation.

In my opinion, Mark Rothko’s work is an example of a long evolution process. From ‘Entrance to Subway” in 1938, to ‘No. 9‘ in 1948, to the last monochrome painting. Despite it’s simplicity, he couldn’t have done those last paintings without 57 years of experience that forged and prepared him to the momentum.

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