Éire Stamps

eire_stamps_01 eire_stamps_02 eire_stamps_03 eire_stamps_04 eire_stamps_05 eire_stamps_06 eire_stamps_07 eire_stamps_08 eire_stamps_09 eire_stamps_10 eire_stamps_11 eire_stamps_12 eire_stamps_13 eire_stamps_14 eire_stamps_15 eire_stamps_16 eire_stamps_17

Aaron Canning imagined some stamps for his country, Ireland.

Since emigrating from Ireland (to Austria), I have become wiser to the world and a little more patriotic, maybe nostalgic. It is the place I made my first forays into the world of design so this small series acknowledges my heritage and my roots not only in my life, but also my professional career.


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