Institut Finlandais

institut_finlandais_01 institut_finlandais_02 institut_finlandais_03 institut_finlandais_04 institut_finlandais_05 institut_finlandais_06 institut_finlandais_07 institut_finlandais_08 institut_finlandais_09 institut_finlandais_10 institut_finlandais_11 institut_finlandais_12 institut_finlandais_13 institut_finlandais_14 institut_finlandais_15 institut_finlandais_16 institut_finlandais_17 institut_finlandais_18 institut_finlandais_19 institut_finlandais_20 institut_finlandais_21 institut_finlandais_22Here is a identity proposition by Dimitris Kostinis.

Institut Finlandais in France opened in 1991 in the heart of the Latin Quarter in Paris. Since then, the institue has emerged as a dynamic cultural center in Paris, organizing a number of events around the Finnish culture. Culture, coffee, design : Finnish creation is revealed in all its forms.


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