Print Process

print_process_01 print_process_02 print_process_03 print_process_04 print_process_05 print_process_06 print_process_07 print_process_08 print_process_09 print_process_10 print_process_11 print_process_12 print_process_13 print_process_14 print_process_15Print Process worked with the London-based design consultancy, Build directed by the famous Michael C. PLace.

Identity for Print-Process, an online art gallery. The identity consists of custom-typeface, website design, stationery set, packing-tape and custom-mailer. The letterhead was designed to integrate with Print-Process’ order system. We also designed two launch posters (A+B) for the site. Available to buy here (Poster A), and here for (Poster B).


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