Haaris + Hoole

harris_hoole_01 harris_hoole_02 harris_hoole_03 harris_hoole_04 harris_hoole_05 harris_hoole_06 harris_hoole_07 harris_hoole_08 harris_hoole_09 harris_hoole_10 harris_hoole_11 harris_hoole_12 harris_hoole_13 harris_hoole_14 harris_hoole_15The coffee shop Harris + Hoole launched their summer drink range, aptly named “Harris + Coole”. The agency Confederation Studio designed a visual world that communicate that spirit.

In response to this, we developed a warm colour palette and a series of patterns. We also redesigned their logo to create a badge that, like the patterns and colours, would be fed through all the branding materials. The decision to use a recycled craft paper for printed materials was chosen to represent the pure and hand crafted nature of the Harris + Hoole brand and their drinks range. Overall, the campaign established a bold and vivid identity that captured the essence of a modern, English summer.



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