Willow Tree

willow_tree_01 willow_tree_02 willow_tree_03 willow_tree_04 willow_tree_05 willow_tree_06 willow_tree_07 willow_tree_08 willow_tree_09 willow_tree_10 willow_tree_11 willow_tree_12 willow_tree_13 willow_tree_14 willow_tree_15 willow_tree_16 willow_tree_17 willow_tree_18Bunch has designed a new but traditional looking identity for Willow Tree, London’s leading business consultancy.

Bunch worked in close collaboration with typographer Spencer Charles to develop a bespoke WT monogram, which was executed as a mix of embosses, carved in seals and simulated watermarks – achieved with an oil-based ink – across purple cloth, black leather, slightly structured Fedrigoni Sirio Color stock and handmade coffee pottery, the solution embraces a crafted sensibility alongside a more contemporary use of space and type. 

The mark functions well as a distinctive, well illustrated and uniting element that appropriately utilises the traditional crafted origins of the monogram to convey a more personal and individualised business practice.



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