anonym.us_01 anonym.us_02 anonym.us_03 anonym.us_04 anonym.us_05 anonym.us_06 anonym.us_07 anonym.us_08 anonym.us_09 anonym.us_10 anonym.us_11 anonym.us_12 anonym.us_13 anonym.us_14 anonym.us_15 anonym.us_16 anonym.us_17 anonym.us_18 anonym.us_19Here is an excellent find by the really good blog The Design Blog. An identity by Justin Ross Tolentino. I love the business card ! was a school project that spawned out of a challenge to create an identity for a new social network. Rather than make another Facebook I thought it would be interesting to brand a modern esoteric society for thieves. I decided to call my social network as a play on anonymous. Since it was a network for thieves I combined the letter A with a ski mask to create the logo. To keep inline with the theme of anonymity and thievery I contained the information on the business card within a safe dial, turned the letterhead into a modern treasure map, made the envelopes security deposit bags, and the style guide a blueprint. As for the products, what better gifts for a thief than a ski mask and gloves?


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