Jessica Hische x The Luxe Project

jessica_hische_luxe_project_01 jessica_hische_luxe_project_02 jessica_hische_luxe_project_03 jessica_hische_luxe_project_04
jessica_hische_luxe_project_06 jessica_hische_luxe_project_07 jessica_hische_luxe_project_08 jessica_hische_luxe_project_09 jessica_hische_luxe_project_10 jessica_hische_luxe_project_11 jessica_hische_luxe_project_12

Jessica Hische designed a wonderful set of stationery for the Luxe Project by MOO. She hand-illustrated the complete alphabet to create unique monogrammed cards. A good way to promote print excellence and support a charity.

The Luxe Project is a design initiative that teams brilliant creatives with Luxe by MOO – and helps good causes as well. Designs are showcased for limited time, with 100% of net proceeds going to the designer’s charity of choice. Read on


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  • Reply May 20, 2014

    Sean W.

    Man, I am tired of seeing her pop up everywhere. Her stuff all looks alike.

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