moleskine_01 moleskine_02 moleskine_03 moleskine_04 moleskine_05I’ve been very skeptical few months ago when I discovered the Moleskine rebranding. It wasn’t the will to stick to a digital image that disappointed me, but the lack of quality of this change. Nevertheless, they recently produced a nice video to promote the new logo. Created by N9VE and the production company Jelly London, the video tells a story that connect the notebook with digital with more delicateness than the previous Moleskine Press Release. I hope Moleskine is going to continue to work on this new identity, to give it more credibility.

PS: A big thank you to the person who can confirms that a monogram must contain more than one letter.




  • Reply September 2, 2013


    I studied typography last year, and yeah, according to my teacher, a monogram must contain more than one letter.

    • Reply September 3, 2013

      Thomas Bouillot

      I asked typographers/teachers , graphic designers, AD, even a greek guy for the etymology and they all have a different answer. In my opinion, a monogram is the association of the first letter of the name and surname.

      But I guess there is no exact definition.

  • Reply September 10, 2013


    I worked for Nespresso (at McCann ad agency in Paris) for quite a long time, and we always use the word “Monogram” to describe this :

    So the monogram is composed by an unique letter. I think it doesn’t have to be an association of letters.

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