Piz Buin Sunscreen

piz_buin_suncreen_01 piz_buin_suncreen_02 piz_buin_suncreen_03 piz_buin_suncreen_04 piz_buin_suncreen_05 piz_buin_suncreen_06 piz_buin_suncreen_07 piz_buin_suncreen_08 piz_buin_suncreen_09 piz_buin_suncreen_10 piz_buin_suncreen_11 piz_buin_suncreen_12 piz_buin_suncreen_13 piz_buin_suncreen_014 piz_buin_suncreen_15 piz_buin_suncreen_16 piz_buin_suncreen_17 piz_buin_suncreen_18 piz_buin_suncreen_19Amelia Stier is an American graphic designer, after her graduation at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, she moved at Sid Lee Montreal, now she is freelance for American and Canadian clients. She designed with other students this disruptive concept of sunscreeen packaging for the swiss brand Piz Buin.

In the summer of 2010, fifteen Art Center students from the Graphic Design, Environmental, Product and Transportation departments were selected to go to Berlin and participate in a sponsored studio abroad, dedicated to rebranding the Johnson & Johnson-owned Piz Buin (a premium sunscreen brand) to target Millennial Berliners.

My group was tasked with addressing the Berlin music scene—which consists mostly by semi-nocturnal anti-branding young people—and figuring out how to get them to engage with Piz Buin. Ultimately we embraced the night aesthetic and the appropriated street vernacular of the audience, to speak to them in their own visual language.

Also on the music team were Erica Li and Seth Baker, who were responsible for branded environments and collaborated on ideas and production. Package and brand extension design, process book design & photography by Amelia Stier.


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