You Probably Didn’t Know That

you_probably_didnt_know_that_01 you_probably_didnt_know_that_02 you_probably_didnt_know_that_03 you_probably_didnt_know_that_04 you_probably_didnt_know_that_05 you_probably_didnt_know_that_06 you_probably_didnt_know_that_07

Here is a nice serie of poster by Soonyi Goh, a young graphic designer from Singapore. A minimalist and nice way to expose all this useless that we learn on the internet.

A series of 8 posters were created based on some of the “useless and unimportant” facts found on the internet. Social media is a popular tool in sharing of information in recent times, however, graphic design hasn’t been exercised much in that aspect when it is meant for that very purpose.

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