Formt Identity

formt_identity_01 formt_identity_02 formt_identity_03 formt_identity_04 formt_identity_05 formt_identity_06 formt_identity_07 formt_identity_08 formt_identity_09 formt_identity_10 formt_identity_11 formt_identity_12 formt_identity_13

Joost Huver, from Amsterdam has a really nice blog called FORMT. He took the trouble to design a complete identity and realize the whole stationery. An exemple for each blogs (specially mine, I should do that too).

A few years back I started LETSLOVEART which turned into an inspirational art and design blog for all kinds of work, and I recently changed the name into FORMT.
Nowadays I want to focus myself on digital design and full identity work, so this gave me the opportunity to combine those elements.

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