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Weme is one of the largest communication agencies of Campinas, Brazil. It is the result of the merger of three companies: Blue, Cubic and Galileo. The Weme provides full comunication services and have professionals dedicated to brand management, digital design / development and advertising respectively.

Anora Campo was approached to design the visual identity for the brand. The elements that had already been created by the Weme was the logo and illustrations that are found in the verses of business cards.

The client instructed us that identity should show that Weme was the result of a merger of three companies and that they had not gone, but joined forces. The independence of all remained the same.

Colors, textures, illustrations and images are the basis for the logo. Therefore we chose white as power color for identity and brought the three colors of each of the companies forming that are used only in their names.

Typography is the element that unites the identity, brought personality. With a distinctive and unique design, Ayita looks great with all profusion of colors, textures, illustrations and brand’s possibilities of behavior.

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    Marcelo Sazo

    This is my friend, Daniel Campos / Anora Campo :)

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