Aleksey Kondratyev

I’m happy to share with you this incredible series of photographs of fishermen from Kazakhstan. The young photograph Aleksey Kondratyev is from the very same region these pictures were taken. The purpose was to capture the material…

Material Turn

Material Turn is a book by the photographer Paul Jung on Melita Baumeister, published by …,staat, Supermarché and Baumeister Jung. Material turn is an exercise performed by Melitta Baumeister and Paul Jung. In it,…

Romain Laprade

Romain Laprade is a french photographer but also graphic designer at Atelier Franck Durand. I selected my favourite photographs, mixing commissioned projects, trips and fashion work.

Alex Hartley

Alex Hartley is a UK based contemporary artist and photographer. He explored in a couple of projects the notion of space through photography and blurriness.

Studio Britz

Studio Britz is a promising German Studio founded by two twin sisters. In addition of their identity, they developed a booklet with their own photography. Working processes such as defining a grid system, screen…

Stop Départ

  Atelier Avant Post designed a nice series of print for the launch of the studio in 2014. Using a sprinter as symbol of the race that just begun for them.

Pencil Factory

Greg White, represented by Webber Represents, photographed the pencil factory of Caran D’ache.

Lightning + Kinglyface

Here is a couple a photography by Lightning and Kinglyface for different project.

Mate Moro

Mate Moro is a photographer from Budapest and graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. The “almost” first person point of view on a couple of projects and his specific way to play with models make…

North / South

North / South is a project by Pierre-Alban Kientz a young graduate from the Parisian school ESAG Penninghen.  A colourful mashup of luxury and street brands to question people’s identity. “Between tradition and religion, brands…

Justified No.3

Last week, I discovered the magazine Justified. After thumbing through it at my local bookstore, I bought it alongside the excellent Modern Design Review. I finally had time this week-end to enjoy every single page, the layout…

Idiot Box

Donna Stevens photographed a bunch of kids watching television, the result is a succession of lifeless/obsess faces. A photoshoot that make us laugh but also question again about the impact of glowing screens. It would…

Kim Holtermand

Kim Høltermand is an architectural and landscape photographer from Denmark. The last serie that he photographed, Heart, is visible on VSCO and was highlighted by Collate

Philip Karlberg

Philip Karlberg, is a talented Swedish photographer, especially with the still life exercise. Over the years, he has gained extensive business experience, and he shares his time equally between editorial and commercial assignments. His…