Aromi Beauty

Aromi Beauty have wonderful packaging, designed by 1201am a Design Agency in Atlanta. I especially like the mix of colors they choose and the simplicity of the packaging

Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Rain or Shine Ice Cream  a Vancouver based shop that makes hand-made, small batch ice cream. The identity, packaging and stationery have been designed by the Canadian studio Glasfurd and Walker  


Tilli is a young fast forward thinking distillery with north Italy roots. Combining artistically new flavours with traditional spirits in a never before seen way. The design was made by Jan Weidemüller. source  


That’s a refreshing branding for an online store, designed by Brun Brun and Denis Ilynin. Flat, colorful and funny a excellent combination.


Creature is an identity by Clara Mulligan for a Seattle-based advertising and graphic design agency. A bold branding that looks like a new cocktail with these bright colors. It’s quite an original idea for…


Studio 3 with a team composed by Robert Austnes, Ole Fredrik Ekern, Catherine Sagaute designed a a workbook for student, to encourage them to vote. The slogan «stem deg frem» / «vote yourself forward» means that you can use your…

Print Pencil & Paper

Print. Pencil & Paper is retailer selling analog design equipment that directly target graphic designers. The identity was designed by Sofie Platou The goal was to make the products easy to understand, with informative…

Styria Digital

Moodley Brand Identity designed the new identity of Styria Digital Holding, a company that create content. They develop a new identity for the digital section of the group. Creative Direction: Mike Fuisz Art Direction & Graphic…

MQ Transforming Mental Health

Here is a refreshing branding by Heavenly for a charity that works with people that have mental health issues. Our brief was to create a brand that challenged perceptions, raised awareness for mental health research…

Lego Calendar

The thing I hated the most in my previous internships, was to filling the timesheet, (yeah even interns needed to do that), so I’ve been pretty astonished by the beautiful and smart solution proposed…

Suleyman Yazki posters

Here is a selection of posters by Suleyman Yazki, young french graphic designer, currently intern at Dumbar. He performs to manage different kind of style, from the rigid swiss grid to a total deconstruction….

Xavier Veilhan

Xavier Veilhan is a French artist. His work includes photography, sculpture, film, painting and installation art. He recently had a collaboration with Ora Ito for the Ma Mo (Centre d’art de la Cité Radieuse).  


Here his the second showcase of Kokoro & Moi, we are still in Helsinki and it’s still a really nice design by this local studio. Torikorttelit – the old city centre of Helsinki –…

Design Museum of Barcelona

For the imminent opening of the new Design museum of Barcelona, the studio Lo Siento had designed these colorful leaflet a destination to the visitors Source  


Nice branding for tag.werk by Verena Michelitsch, a austrian graphic designer based in New York. A good association with shapes and colors. Corporate design, flyer and poster for an employment project for adolescents. tag.werk produces…