Cats Horoshkos

  “Cats Horoshkos” is the juice for Ukrainian consumers, with a logo designed by Roman Dz and the packaging made by a fan of New Grids, Gagik Mesropian. The name echoes the name of the tale’s hero…


You Are not Totally FCKD

“You Are not Totally FCKD” is a Israeli fictional company that provide tourist in survival kits in in case of war. Small and transportable, the graphical language uses simple and international icons to be recognizable. A work by Claire…


Taylor’s 21 Port Wine

Taylor’s 21 Port Wine is a branding designed by Vitor Claro. The typography and the code system were exclusively developed for the brand new concept. Taylor’s 21 Port Wine est un branding dessiné par Vitor Claro. La…



Lowdi is a wireless speaker that turns any phone, tablet or mobile device into a portable sound system.   Find out more at  



Realised by the architect Paul Coudamy, the Bearstech office is an old shop of postcard converts into a bear cellar for computer engineers. A organic cellar created from second hand materials originate from all Paris. Réalisé par…


The Belle Isle

  Peter Taylor is a graphic designer freelance located in Portsmouth. He worked on the branding of the bistro The Belle Isle, the result completely  fits with the place, I especially love the outdoor sign and the packaging….


My Favorite Copenhagen

This poster made by Peter Orntoft, is the result of a poster workshop with Mervyn Kurlansky. Peter wanted to examine if it was possible to create a interaction between the poster medium and the user. Cette…


Everyday Magazine

  Everyday Magazine is a magazine about graphic designers & other creatives, focusing on the people behind the works rather than the work itself.  The magazine tries to keep to what magazines do best, instead…



  I’m a little bit overwhelmed, so here is another nice video byParachute (Thibault de Fournas, Nicolas Lefaucheux & Yann Pineill). They made this video for  Unitaid, an alternative methods of financing drugs for the…


The Halcyon – Islington

  Here is a colorful branding found on the excellent blog Identity Designed. The Halcyon – Islington is a place that highlighting the best of British art, retail, design, music, exhibitions, gallery, food. The studio SomeOne choose the name, designed…



I’m a big Arduino fan, furthermore, I’m trying to learn processing and all that stuff. So I’m always exciting to share with you, some cool project that permit to create awesome things with imagination as…


Vennesla Library

In each of your activities, your mind associates it a specific attitude or a universe. A library is one of this place with a imaginary clearly defined. In my opinion, the architecure/design are aimed…



After Yoobi et Torotoro, here is another great branding for an Asian restaurant. The hexagon shape represents the connection between the different Asian cultures. The declinaison are quite simple but boosted by the fresh colors. A really…