I would love cook with this minimalist kitchen ustensil made by Leis, a new brand from Slovenija. The product and the packaging was designed by a local studio, Gigodesign. Leis is a revival of…


Brand development + identity + packaging design for Moya, a range of high end spa products produced solely from South African fynbos and sold locally and abroad. A design by Daniel Berkowitz the associate creative director…


The Richmond Weekender

  The Richmond Weekender concept was developed by Right Angle to add to the cultural landscape and build awareness about the building and suburb as a whole. The architecture and the interior was designed by Foolscape…


TBWA\365 Branding

  This is the old branding of TBWA\365 Paris that recently became a part of the new digital network of TBWA, DAN Paris. An impactful identity like a bomb, specially for recruiting young talented…


The Collection

  The Collection is a restaurant, cultural event and retail space designed by Mind Design and Tom Dixon. They designed the identity, signage system and all printed material. The idea for the identity relates to…



  Lakomi is a prepared food online shop based in Spain. The studio Atipo found a name, a logo and realized the website.


Fire of Each Other

Fire of Each Other is an artist book of Robert Montgomery, a Scottish artist who work anonymously with poetic words and melancholic Post-Situationist tradition. He hijacks advertising billboards and putting up his poems in…


Happy Holidays

  It’s been a long year, so I think I’ll get some rest for the next ten days, to reload the battery. Happy Holidays & Happy New Year dear readers ! Picture by Navid…



Weme is one of the largest communication agencies of Campinas, Brazil. It is the result of the merger of three companies: Blue, Cubic and Galileo. The Weme provides full comunication services and have professionals…



  The Italian studio LS Graphic Design, designed the branding for Mamoli, an Italian company who manifactures high-quality taps and fittings, characterized by intense aesthetic and technological research. The studio redesign the product brochures, rearranged the…



Lapka is a tiny, beautiful personal environment monitor that connects with your phone to measure, collect and analyze the hidden qualities of your surroundings.


Library & Cinema Lons-le-Saunier

    The studio Du Besset-Lyon designed this library and Cinema in the small city Lons-le-Saunier. I love the rupture between the concrete wall with his tough appearance and the soft aspect of wood…


Semaphor / Oblique Dominoes

Here is a wonderful set of dominoes designed after a collaboration between Graphical House and Derek Welsh Studio. I love an agency works in every detail of a project, like the completions of a leather…