Éire Stamps

Aaron Canning imagined some stamps for his country, Ireland. Since emigrating from Ireland (to Austria), I have become wiser to the world and a little more patriotic, maybe nostalgic. It is the place I made my…


Teresa Georgalis

The design agency from Greece, Typical designed the identity of a London based textile designer Teresa Georgalis.



Aurélien Stein designed the business card of the journalist Jauretsi. She wanted an original card, without the usual information. We choose to produce cards using 3 different colors, using hot foil stamping to create a reflective…



P.A.R the design studio located in Barcelona produced the branding and web design for the ‘Instituto Latinoamericano de Estudios Universitarios a Distancia’. The values that the institute wants to convey are the innovative alternative to…


Media Tube

Made by Not Available  “Media Tube is an art organization in China, Shanghai. Founded in 2012 April, it is an independent art gallery that exhibits and present contemporary media artists within a progressive curatorial…


The Water Rat

Hofsetede designed the identity of  The Water Rat, one of the South Melbourne’s oldest hotels in an area rich with ‘watering holes’. Rather unfortunately, it is perhaps best known for the 1973 murder of union…


El Arbol Del Cacao

Mayra Monobe designed the corporate identity for an online chocolate store in Barcelona, Spain. The logo is a reference to the cocoa pod and functions as a stamp. The graphic system takes cues from…



Snask designed the identity of The Swedish Handicraft Association, they have been around for more than 100 years. With over 17 000 members, 22 regional offices and 8 retail shops they had a big challenge…


Page Three Hundred

Page Three Hundred is a Turin–based Independent Clothing Label founded in 2014 by Gabriele Marchi and Maria Fernanda Barbero. Three hundred is the natural number following two hundred and ninety–nine and preceding three hundred…


Institut Finlandais

Here is a identity proposition by Dimitris Kostinis. Institut Finlandais in France opened in 1991 in the heart of the Latin Quarter in Paris. Since then, the institue has emerged as a dynamic cultural center…