United Visual Artists created a thoughtful installation in Philadelphia, named Blueprint. The LEDs display a coloured pattern that changes over time, representing the DNA evolution. Colours as cells are transferring their “genes” to their adjoining…


Art as a variable memory

“Art on one level already may be a state of mind. Of course it is first of all a physical object with which we interact in the moment. But after we have seen a…


AUS Records

The British studio Build produced another excellent work. They designed the LP and album of Huxley on AUS Records. The cover was inspired by ascii art, a series of typographic symbols and punctuation. A precise…


Third Year

Here we are, the third year of New Grids. For the occasion, I’ve changed the layout and categories. Since the beginning, the blog was focused on branding. But from now on, it will be also…


The Modern Soap

The design studio Confederation design a smart packaging for Modern Soap co. The top of the product is visible and the rest of the colour palette is based on the product itself The Modern…


Point Éphémère

Mira Benjamin with Maxime Mouysset worked on the identity of the “Point Éphémère“, a major cultural center in Paris. A concept realized while they were working at Klar, a design studio located in Paris and Lyon. 



Saana Hellsten designed a range of gender free packaging. Here is the full explanation below : Our current society is very diverse and full of individuals who do not fit into the norms and stereotypes…


Here and There – Xmas card

Last week I received a nice present from Here and There, a design studio split into between Spain and Singapore. A lovely print card with a Spanish food speciality. A nice idea and a…


Højmark Cycles

Højmark Cycles produces custom-made bikes. Their branding was designed by the danish studio Ineo Designlab



The french designer Etienne Azar designed a chocolate packaging. In Japanese ”Tanoshii” means happy, at peace. Chocolate is one of the rare kind of food that makes us feel better and it is scientifically proven.


Weather Systems

Uniform is a creative consultancy based in Liverpool. They developed a three little nice cube that predict weather. It use cloud based weather data with physical connected devices, to create simple glanceable alerts and engaging user interactions. There…