Paul Kirps

Paul Kirps is an artist/graphic designer from Luxembourg. Graduated from écal, his work is now included in the collections of the MoMA New York, the Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean in Luxembourg, the Museum für…

Pigalle Duperré

Ill Studio partnered with the fashion brand Pigalle to design this basketball court. “Stephane Ashpool, the founder and designer of Pigalle, has been playing on this court and training kids there for several years now,”…

Kim Holtermand

Kim Høltermand is an architectural and landscape photographer from Denmark. The last serie that he photographed, Heart, is visible on VSCO and was highlighted by Collate

Nolla Nolla

Proxy Studio designed the identity of Nolla Nolla, a Finnish furniture maker, founded in 2000. It’s a simple and good work with no frills, which is nice enough to be noticed. The logo plays…


The Monier Building is a brand new construction in Oslo, located in an old historic industrial site. Bleed & Bureau Bruneau  developed an identity based on the architecture of the building itself, reproducing the window…

Papa Palheta Brand Experience Kit

Foreign Policy Design Group design the experience kit of Papa Palheta, a coffee brand in Singapore Taking their brand further to provide better user experience even online, the Papa Palheta Experience Kit is designed…

Ishinomaki Laboratory

Ishinomaki Laboratory is a workshop started in 2011 to help the local community, devastated by the tsunami. Locals conduct their own work, with lumber and repair materials provided by volunteers, mainly designers in Tokyo….

Perfume Miniatures

The Dutch duo Scheltens & Abbenes have a certain fetishismism for perfume samples. I find interesting that in the world of fashion, high-end brands don’t try to stand-out with these little products. source  

The Monocle Travel Guide to Tokyo

It’s decided, I need to go to Tokyo to visit all these little shop and restaurant. Monocle partnered with Gestalten for a travel guide, with a really good quality as usual.  

Margaret Howell

Studio Small have worked for Margaret Howell the past years, here is a grasp of what they produced. From seasonal show invites to store packaging requirements across the globe, our work reinforces Margaret’s aesthetic for beautiful…


Studio Weidemüller designed the identity of the french wool fashion brand Racé Through combining both, the company’s contemporary sensibilities and its commitment to traditional craftsmanship we created an identity which reflects their passion for knitted fashion. via Visuelle