Thomas Bouillot

Freelance Strategic Planner - @Hyperisland DDS student - ex intern at @DDBTribal_ams & @MeetMakeable Traveller, French & Triathlete I'm also on twitter : Twitter@thomasbouillot and Google Plus


Hacking Households

Hacking Households was a project made last year during the 24th Biennial of Design Ljubljana (credits below). The idea was : What if objects were produced the way open source software is developed? The result is a…



Kurppa Hosk worked on the identity of Designtorget, one of the most iconic Swedish design brand. Since Designtorget is a stage for design and designers, it was crucial to create an identity that didn’t overshadow…


The Paper Book

Dan Tobin Smith produced with North Design an incredible video for Arjowiggins.    



Animade, the animation and interactive production company posted a lovely video on their vimeo account. Special mention for the soap bubble clip

Data and the stories we tell

Data and the stories we tell

“A piece of data on it’s own, the data on it’s own, is going to do very little. I guess I look at it as a starting point, and once you have that, you…


Stone Way Cafe

The Seattle-based design studio Shore worked on the re-branding of the formerly Tiny Ninja Cafe. They take their inspiration from the history of industry and personality of the Fremont neighbourhood. They deliver to Stone…


Mona de Castellarnau

One of the trendiest studio, Anagrama designed the identity of “Mona de Castellarnau”, a lifestyle brand that offers accessories and home décor pieces inspired by the merging of the love for design, craftsmanship, and global cultures….


Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien is a french illustrator based in London. He describes his approach as observational, critical and playful. I would say that his drawings are painfully satisfying for the observer. There is nothing like…


Hay Market

Foreign Policy designed the identity of Hay Market, a restaurant set in the sprawling grounds of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. With Hong Kong Jockey Club’s pedigree as a British Colonial entity, the basis of the…


Ya-sin Chahimi

Daniel Carlsten designed a clean identity for the skincare company Ya-sin Chahimi. A brand focusing on the health benefits of the product as well as on the spirit of the company’s founder, the man and the…


Measuring: This much, That much, How much?

Tokyo is recently holding an exhibition about measurement – “Measuring: This much, That much, How much?“. A common and banal activity where international standards have been around for only 250 years. Despite all our…



Anna Trympali designed Corinne’s identity. It’s a greek cosmetic brand with the mission of creating the most effective and high quality skin care, handcrafted and naturally made. Our inspiration is the nature and its precious…