Thomas Bouillot

Freelance Strategic Planner - @Hyperisland DDS student - ex intern at @DDBTribal_ams & @MeetMakeable Traveller, French & Triathlete I'm also on twitter : Twitter@thomasbouillot and Google Plus


Notion of time

“One day, someone asked me how long it took me to make one of my paintings. I’m 57 years old and it took me all my life to do it.” Mark Rothko Our relation…



Delphine Volkaert is a multilingual design student from Belgium. She designed an identity based on Chloé’s logo, she transformed the lettering into a typography. She used a fictional jewellery brand, étage, to build the identity around.



“Fashion is about individuality; we express ourselves through the clothes we wear, and yet our choices are often made for us.” Knyttan is a fashion brand based in London. Launched in September 2014, the start-up…


Natural patterns

Take your finger and draw this line. Summer, fall, winter, spring,noon, dusk, dark, dawn. Have you ever seen those stratus clouds that go in parallel stripes across the sky? Did you know that’s a…


The Jameson Bros

The Jameson Bros released a double album with a totally opposite musical atmosphere. L’atelier à propos, a Parisian studio expressed that singularity by using the famous Rorshach ink test. In this way, they achieved the perfect balance between the aesthetics of…


The task of Art

“The task of art is to transform what is continuously happening to us, to transform all these things into symbols, into music, into something which can last in man’s memory” Jose Luis Borges These…

When I woke up in the morning, the feeling was still there 4 1997 by Angus Fairhurst 1966-2008

Robot art critic

“A man in a red shirt is leaning against him on a wall outside. or imagine a man in a blue shirt is leaning against a wall. I once observed a woman in a…

the_process_of observation

The process of observation

“Before cameras, educated, well-to-do travellers had learned to sketch so that they could draw what they saw on their trips, in the same way, that before phonograph recordings, bourgeois families listened to music by…


The Cumquat

The Australian Studio Hi Ho designed the branding and magazine “The Cumquat”. A space created by Jordan Heng and Patrick Honan to talk about creative projects related to sexuality, smut & love. A subject that led to a skin…



Atipus chose kinetic waves to represent the work of Celia Castillo. She is a social music therapist and educator. The lines represent the rhythmic exercises that she uses to treat her patient. The patterns…



United Visual Artists created a thoughtful installation in Philadelphia, named Blueprint. The LEDs display a coloured pattern that changes over time, representing the DNA evolution. Colours as cells are transferring their “genes” to their adjoining…


Art as a variable memory

“Art on one level already may be a state of mind. Of course it is first of all a physical object with which we interact in the moment. But after we have seen a…