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iNature Skincare

  The swedish studio Bedow, designed a packaging for an Australian brand iNature Skincare. iNature Skincare made products with natural ingredients, free from parabens, artificial colours and fragrances. The packaging range consists of three…

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Verso Skincare was founded by skincare expert Lars Fredriksson of Selego in Stockholm, Sweden. The identity and website have been designed by The Studio, a design agency also based in Stockholm. When Lars approached…

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Ya-sin Chahimi

Daniel Carlsten designed a clean identity for the skincare company Ya-sin Chahimi. A brand focusing on the health benefits of the product as well as on the spirit of the company’s founder, the man and the…

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Rapha Ventoux

The Irving & Co studio have designed the first range of skincare products created by Rapha, the leading cycling clothing and accessories brand. The range launched in the Autumn of 2010 and continues to…

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