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Affaire is a new design studio based in Barcelona. They’re operating in the fields of fashion, culture and consumer goods for international and local clients. Affaire’s projects prioritize a strong conceptual foundation with impeccable execution, and share an all-encompassing approach where content, form and distribution are intimately weaved together. You soon will be able to shop their own products on their online store Supermarché.

About the brand, Act is a footwear company based between Mallorca and Berlin.

The brand, a manufacturer of luxurious leather espadrilles, was conceived almost overnight by two entrepreneurs with no strategy or expertise, and on a modest budget. A week later, they were touring Spain by bus, looking for factories that would speak the same language and cater to their quality requirements. The brand’s beginnings, audacious and carefree, stay at the heart of what defines the values of Act: spontaneity, timelessness, and ultimate Mediterranean-ness.

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