DKNY Identity

dkny_01 dkny_02 dkny_03 dkny_04 dkny_05 dkny_06 dkny_07 dkny_08 dkny_09 dkny_10 dkny_11 dkny_12 dkny_13 dkny_14 dkny_15 dkny_16 dkny_17 dkny_18 dkny_19 dkny_20 dkny_21 dkny_22 dkny_23 dkny_24 dkny_25 dkny_26

Commission Studio developed the new identity of DKNY, led by the Creative Director Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow and Hector Muelas. The new identity is now more modern and uniform to move forward.

Inspired by the geometry of NYC and the tension between the practical and the desirable, the word mark and logo motif create a visual metaphor of a road – an ongoing journey.

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