Dear Data

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Dear Data is a project by Stefanie Posavec and Giorgia Lupi, two designers specialised in data visualisation. They meet in Minneapolis and realised they had a lot of things in common, same age, expatriate, working with data, hand-crafted and illustrative approach…

Every week, they decided to collect and measure a specific type of data about their lives and make a drawing on a postcard, to send it to each other.

A year after and 104 postcards later, they’re going to publish a book.


The process:
Every week we choose a topic we want to explore about our days and lives, and on Monday start our separate-but-parallel data collection.

The data-collecting ends the evening of the following Sunday, and through the course of the following week we analyse our data and draw our postcard, all the while collecting the next dataset.

On Monday we scan and drop our data postcard into the mailbox/postbox and start to plan the next week’s drawing!

The postcards:
The data drawing is shown on the front of the postcard, while the back always includes a “how to read it” key to enable the other to understand the data collection and insight behind the drawing.

Also, we’re keeping records of the entire process including our notes, our preliminary sketches and photos to document how our data collections and drawing evolves through time, found in the ‘by weeks’ section of the site.

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