Carved Names Vol. 1

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Akos Polgardi (editorial design) along Zalán Péter Salát (Art Direction) worked on the first volume of Carved Names, a two-volume work about a WW2 monument at ELTE university in Budapest. The books are bi-lingual, featuring content in Hungarian and English. Each volume was produced in two versions: edge-painted and edge-chiselled.

Vol. 1 (white), designed by Ákos Polgárdi, presents the entries submitted to ELTE’s architectural competition for designing the monument, complete with project documentation and plans/illustrations, essays by ELTE students reflecting on the entries, interviews with the designers, a photo documentation of the realized monument, a type specimen of Trefort Grotesk, the monument’s bespoke typeface, as well as the names and basic biographical data of the victims. Vol. 2 (black), designed by Zalán Péter Salát and Dániel Németh, contains the proceedings of a conference held on the occasion of the monument’s inauguration.

A limited edition set of complimentary cards was produced for the book launch containing all names and data of the university’s victims (that is, the full content of the monument). The names were letterpress-printed on black / white stock, set in 6 pt Trefort Grotesk.

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