Heart Of Glass


heart_of_glass_02 heart_of_glass_03 heart_of_glass_04 heart_of_glass_05 heart_of_glass_06 heart_of_glass_07 heart_of_glass_08 heart_of_glass_09 heart_of_glass_10 heart_of_glass_11 heart_of_glass_12 heart_of_glass_13 heart_of_glass_14 heart_of_glass_15 heart_of_glass_16 heart_of_glass_17 heart_of_glass_18 heart_of_glass_19 heart_of_glass_20 heart_of_glass_21 heart_of_glass_22 heart_of_glass_23 heart_of_glass_24 heart_of_glass_25

I came across the “Heart of Glass” project by ECAL students a couple of time, and each time I’m amazed by these creations.

Heart of Glass is a research project led by ECAL’s Master Product Design department between 2012 and 2014. This project was set out over four workshops, all of which followed distinct objectives, yet which all aimed to question the potential of glass in contemporary art and design.

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