Rikako Nagashima

rikako_nagashima_01 rikako_nagashima_02 rikako_nagashima_03 rikako_nagashima_04 rikako_nagashima_05 rikako_nagashima_06 rikako_nagashima_07 rikako_nagashima_08 rikako_nagashima_09 rikako_nagashima_10 rikako_nagashima_11 rikako_nagashima_12 rikako_nagashima_13 rikako_nagashima_14 rikako_nagashima_15 rikako_nagashima_16 rikako_nagashima_17 rikako_nagashima_18 rikako_nagashima_19 tumblr_nwg6xf6tz11u0j22co8_r1_1280

Japanese designer Rikako Nagashima just released a new identity for Tohoku Youth Orchestra. It’s a great opportunity to go through the work of one of the most amazing talent from the land of the rising sun.


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