Kinfolk Design

The fist time I grabbed a Kinfolk, it was to take a look at what was hidden under a promising cover. It was nice, appealing and smooth but to be honest, its the content was another trial to cover a “filtered world” that Etsy and Blogspot were feeding and raising at that time.

I tried again later but the magazine had been repeatedly copied and suddenly it became unnoticed amongst it’s competitors. A Thousand articles about how sugar tasted, recommendations on how to deal with relationships and how Island was the place to be, were piled in all the book shops every second month. Last week though I came across Kinfolk, The Design Issue, and I discovered that as a kid who had changed his voice, after some false notes, the publication sounded different. It had changed pictures of the Swedish countryside for Harvard Desirability Lab articles, it had gone from melancholy to empowerment, and the interviewees were people who you feel like going for a coffee with and not for melted chocolate. I’ll have a look at the next issue to see if the changes were only accountable for the Design Issue or if the magazine really evolved.

Thank you Kinfolk.



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