The Working Capitol

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Foreign Policy designed the identity of The Working Capitol a community of knowledge workers who operate at the intersection of creativity, technology, and business.

The brand concept is based on the Euclidean Principle and the visual language is inspired by Euclidean’s geometric construction. The idea that something beautiful can be created with a given set of basic axiomatic system, reflects The Working Capitol’s three pillars: (A)creating beautiful spaces; (B)combined with contemporary lifestyle; and (C)community. Just like the three dimensions in solid geometry. With these basic building blocks in place, the sphere of influence can multiply and grow. The Working Capitol will be a confluence of dynamic conversations and rapid prototyping of ideas. We thus coined the tagline: The Knowledge Worker, Inspired. 
As an extension of Euclid’s theory that governs its many outcomes, the way finding and signage system utilizes an anamorphic approach— its outlook varies at every vantage point. The Working Capitol’s interiors is largely centered upon an interplay of materials and this principle influenced the choice of signage materials; often more than one material on a single surface. A business that is grounded in well-designed spaces for collaboration and great ideas, copy used for the way finding system is concise and tongue-in-cheek for a lively and stimulating environment.

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