Resident GP

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Resident GP branding has been design by “A Friend of Mine“, an Australian studio.

Resident GP, run by Gabi Sidhu and Pawel Gaca, is an online homewares store selling beautiful wares from both local sources and around the world. Resident GP required a rebrand and new website design to gain a wider audience in a competitive marketplace and give a unique online retail experience. We created a thin circular monogram to encapsulate their initials GP (Gabi & Pawel) which contrasts with the bold yet friendly typography with softened rounded edges. The custom responsive website design is created to give users a beautiful shopping experience and features adaptable banners, a unique menu design and integrated blog. The grid is a recurring theme within the brand identity, providing a simple packaging solution when teamed with circular stickers. The monogram comes into its own when etched and gold filled within Resident GP’s own marble vessel range.

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