Nolla Nolla

nolla_nolla_01 nolla_nolla_02 nolla_nolla_03 nolla_nolla_04 nolla_nolla_05 nolla_nolla_06 nolla_nolla_07 nolla_nolla_08 nolla_nolla_09 nolla_nolla_10 nolla_nolla_11 nolla_nolla_12 nolla_nolla_13 nolla_nolla_14 nolla_nolla_15 nolla_nolla_16 nolla_nolla_17 nolla_nolla_18

Proxy Studio designed the identity of Nolla Nolla, a Finnish furniture maker, founded in 2000. It’s a simple and good work with no frills, which is nice enough to be noticed.

The logo plays on the letter ‘N’ and the number ‘zero’ – ‘Nolla’ in Finnish

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