St Jame’s

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dn&Co worked on the branding of the St Jame’s area.

It is a special brief to brand an area of London. Since its foundation in 1661, St James’s has been a part of the West End known for mercantile innovation and invention. It introduced coffee, chocolate and the idea of the restaurant to the Great British public, and was the birthplace of cultural icons, the sandwich and the scotch egg. It remains the highest concentration of royal warrant holders anywhere, and is the designated home of the modern heritage fashion brand.

But despite its rich history, beautiful architecture and high-fashion credentials, it was an area that lacked clear public image, personality, brand.

The new design rightfully places St James’s in the landscape of luxury brands. Alongside bold use of type, referenced from many of the area’s statues, we have crafted a brand motif for St James’s – the pelican. Introduced to St James’s at the exact time of its foundation, pelicans are also a treasured symbol of protection and guardianship – perfectly attuned to the work of the area’s landlord and commissioning client, The Crown Estate.

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